Years after the death of his wife, John Travolta has heartbreaking plan to find new love

Right after Kelly Preston died in 2020, John Travolta refused to betray the memory of his beloved spouse by falling in love with someone new.

But now, buddies say that the Pulp Fiction star, who’s rocking everyday living as a single father of two, may finally be completely ready to include to the internet pages of his love tale with an additional female.

Maintain reading to study a lot more about Travolta’s adore daily life!

Hollywood legend John Travolta, 69, has been solitary given that his spouse, Kelly Preston, 57, died of cancer in 2020.

The two, who shared three children, have been remarkably candid about their enjoy, and since her reduction, the shadow of her absence has been profound on Travolta, who proceeds to voice his enduring grief on social media.

Only 11 a long time just before Preston died, The Hairspray star was drowning in heartache when Jett, the firstborn child he shared with Preston, died at only 16 in 2009.

Introducing to the immeasurable agony of losing a son and his adored wife, he then lost shut pals and co-stars Olivia Newton-John in August 2022, and Kirstie Alley in December 2022.

Right after all that, it is not surprising he wished to guard his coronary heart.

Vow of celibacy

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Right after he shed his wife, resources shut to the star of Grease declare that he to begin with swore off dating, indicating that a foreseeable future connection would “be a betrayal of Preston’s memory.”

“John however considers himself married and claims he will continue to be loyal to Kelly till the working day he dies. It is palms off when it arrives to dating. It is sad, but he’s fundamentally taken a vow of celibacy for the rest of his life.” The close friend proceeds, “He talks about Kelly continuously. Their life ended up so intertwined, it’s pretty really hard for him to go on.”

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