WATCH : Sean Hannity Blasts Fellow Co-Host Live On-Air : What’s Happened To You

Longtime host Sean Hannity ripped into co-host Steve Doocy for providing a fact check on something former President Donald Trump said on the campaign traiI.

While appearing on Fox & Friends, the two Fox hosts got into an argument after Doocy brought up the possibility that Nikki Haley might win the New Hampshire GOP primary.

There are 300,000 Democrats, 300,000 Republicans, 400,000 independents. If they all show up, they’re going to make a big difference, Doocy argued, referring to independent voters possibIy turning out in the GOP primary for Haley.

It definitely is a possibility I don’t happen to like – I love the people in New Hampshire, I love the state of New Hampshire – I don’t like their system. What they call open primary, where peopIe, you know, they were switching in the last number of weeks from Democrat to independent so they can wreak havoc inside the Republican Party,” Hannity replied.

Doocy stepped in to clarify that October 6th, months ago, was the actual deadline for switching parties. Doocy disproved the claim last week while discussing Trump’s criticism of Haley for reaching out to Democrats, of whom fewer than four thousand switched parties. Trump attacked Doocy on Truth Social because he corrected him

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