WATCH : Legendary rocker Ted Nugent was shredding the National Anthem on his guitar while performing for the Trucker Convoy

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent was shredding the National Anthem on his guitar while performing for the Trucker Convoy that’s heading to the southern border.

Ted Nugent wowed his music fans as the audience cheered and sounded like they were having a great time at the rally. Nugent then wowed the crowd a second time, but not with his guitar. Nugent had something else in mind!

My heart is broke right now, Nugent started, and I’d like to start by speaking to all the veterans out there, all the Iaw enforcement officers, and the citizens who took an oath to the sacred Constitution… I’d like to apologize to ‘We the People’ for allowing this piece of s*** to get into the White House.

The crowd roared its approval, no surprise given that so many had traveled as part of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy to show support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to string razor wire along highIy trafficked areas, only to see those wires cut down by federal officials.

The Real Reason a Mother Decided to Get Rid of Her Son’s Birthmark with a Laser Sparks Criticism – PHOTOS

The choice of laser treatment to address her son’s birthmark has ignited a wave of critique aimed at a mother, Brooke Atkins. Undeterred by the backlash, Brooke stands resolute, clarifying that her decision is rooted in deeper considerations than what critics may perceive.

Parenthood is a cherished aspiration for countless couples, offering boundless joys alongside formidable responsibilities. Among these priorities is the unwavering commitment to safeguarding a child’s well-being, happiness, and readiness for life’s challenges.

Brooke Atkins garnered widespread attention with her recent decision concerning her second son, Kingsley. Born with dark stains enveloping half his face, medical examinations revealed these to be port-wine stains stemming from vascular malformation. Particularly concerning was their proximity to Kingsley’s eyes, raising fears of Sturge-Weber syndrome and potential complications like glaucoma.

In collaboration with her partner, Kewene Wallace, Brooke sought medical intervention for Kingsley’s birthmark at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Specialized consultations with dermatological and vascular experts recommended laser treatment as a means to preserve skin health and mitigate risks to surrounding tissues.

However, despite the medical rationale behind her decision, Brooke found herself besieged by criticism, with many decrying the move as superficial and excessive, leaving her grappling with guilt and uncertainty. Amidst the tumult of public opinion, some voices echoed empathy and understanding towards Brooke’s predicament.

In the face of such scrutiny, one might wonder how they would navigate similar circumstances. Parenthood often necessitates confronting weighty decisions that test the boundaries of one’s resolve. Ultimately, each parent must trust their instincts and make choices they believe are in the best interest of their child.

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