Veterinarians warn of rising cases of mystery dog illness

Veterinarians are sounding the alarm as they see a growing number of coughing dogs.

Wendy Brown’s three golden retrievers — Bridge, Dooley and Lulu — are among the dogs who started showing symptoms earlier this November.

“Dooley started doing kind of this huffing and also seemed to feel quite lethargic,” Brown recalled to “Good Morning America.” “Not too long after, Bridge began to exhibit the symptoms. But his were louder, more boisterous. I thought it was his stomach because he made like a retching sound.”

Initially, Brown thought her pets had a typical kennel cough but when their symptoms didn’t subside, she knew it was something more serious.

“The vet started him on a 10-day cycle of doxycycline. Today was day 10 and he is not a lot better,” Brown said.

Brown, an Idaho resident, said she’s still not sure what could have caused her dogs’ illness in the first place.

While research is underway, veterinarians say the mystery illness is highly contagious and can be fatal. Reported symptoms so far have also been typical of a kennel cough and they include coughing, sneezing, nasal and/or eye discharge and lethargy.

“Instead of that dry cough where the dog felt good, it was now this wet cough where the dog felt sick,” Amanda Cavanagh, the section head of the urgent care service at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, told “GMA.”

Experts like Cavanagh said any dogs showing signs of consistent coughing should be brought to a vet to be examined.

“We can ultrasound the lungs to see if there is a problem that is related to pneumonia or the contagious pneumonia that seems to be going around,” Cavanagh said.

Cavanagh also recommends keeping any coughing dogs away from other dogs and for two weeks after the cough goes away.

Kindness Beyond Borders: The Uplifting Saga of a Dog’s Heroic Rescue in the ‘Miracle on the Tracks

In a world often marked by challenges and uncertainties, a heartwarming story has emerged to restore our faith in the innate goodness of humanity. The tale, aptly named “Miracle on the Tracks,” centers around a loyal dog whose heroic actions transcend the ordinary.

The narrative takes root when the canine, known for its unwavering loyalty, stumbles upon an abandoned baby near a set of train tracks. Without hesitation, the dog springs into action, barking and attracting the attention of passersby. The heroic effort unfolds as the faithful companion stands guard over the defenseless infant, a living symbol of vulnerability amid life’s tumultuous journey.

As the news of the loyal dog’s rescue mission spreads, the story captivates hearts worldwide, sparking a wave of empathy and kindness. Social media platforms buzz with discussions, and the once-fragmented online community unites in shared appreciation for the dog’s selfless act. The image of the protective dog and the rescued baby becomes a beacon of hope, reminding people of the profound impact small acts of compassion can have on a global scale.

The “Miracle on the Tracks” saga serves as a powerful testament to the enduring qualities of empathy and kindness. In a world often inundated with negativity, this story becomes a rallying point for those who believe in the transformative power of compassion. It prompts individuals to reflect on their own capacity for benevolence and consider the positive change that can arise from even the simplest acts of caring.

Ultimately, “Miracle on the Tracks” resonates beyond its immediate narrative, becoming a universal symbol of hope. It reinforces the idea that, irrespective of our differences, we are all connected by a shared humanity that thrives on compassion. In this heartening tale, the loyal dog becomes an unwitting ambassador for the innate goodness within us all, rekindling our collective belief in the power of empathy and kindness to create miracles, both big and small.

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