Three of the biggest producers of EVs are reportedly set to slow down production

Three of the biggest producers of electric vehicles are reportedly set to pump the brakes on production, citing a bad economy and higher interest rates thanks to Joe Biden’s bad economic poIicies.

Tesla, General Motors, and Ford all have said they plan to slow production essentially until the economy shows some signs of settIing down.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined General Motors and Ford in voicing concerns that high-interest rates on car purchases would prevent borrowers from securing financing for expensive electric vehicles. Musk said, People hesitate to buy a new car if there’s uncertainty in the economy. I don’t want to be going into top speed into uncertainty.

Musk also is planning to take a wait-and-see approach to the economy before ramping up the planned Tesla factory in Mexico. Musk’s comments came after poor quarterIy results across the board.

Not only were Tesla’s sales down, but so were earnings per share and vehicle production.

General Motors, for their part, has plans to delay production of the eIectric Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks by a year, citing flattening demand for the electrified vehicles.

Over at Ford Motors, they are cutting one of the three shifts that currently builds the electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. The automaker made this decision following a summer where they took some of the focus off of electric, instead looking toward commercial fIeet vehicles and hybrids.

10 Celebrities Who’d Look Unrecognizable Without Beauty Treatments

In today’s world, numerous methods help people maintain a youthful appearance. From everyday individuals to celebrities, many rely on these techniques to defy aging. It’s difficult to fathom a time when cosmetic treatments weren’t available to combat the signs of aging. Without them, some celebrities might be almost unrecognizable compared to their current appearance.

1. Demi Moore

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

3. Courteney Cox

4. Dolly Parton

5. Cindy Crawford

6. Jane Fonda

7. Marisa Tomei

8. Sandra Bullock

9. Andie MacDowell

10. Christie Brinkley

Numerous celebrities, including Mickey Rourke, opt for cosmetic procedures in pursuit of a flawless and youthful appearance. Once hailed as one of the industry’s most handsome actors, Rourke’s life took a drastic turn after making a decision that led him down a destructive path, jeopardizing nearly everything he had.

Preview photo credit EAST NEWS, Invision/Invision/East News

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