She Had 43 Cosmetic Procedures To Become A Barbie Doll – But Critics Say She Look Like A ‘Zombie’

Woman reveals her “new face” after undergoing 43 surgeries to make her appear like a Barbie doll. Dalia Naeem, 29, from Baghdad, reportedly spent thousands changing her appearance so that it resembled that of the legendary character.

Some people have referred to her as the “Iraqi Barbie” because of her golden hair and striking features.

In a recent video, the host and actress debuted her new style, prompting comments like “Zombie” and “Devil Barbie” from viewers.

Dalia appears to have captured the attention of many people, as evidenced by the fact that she has over 996,000 Instagram followers and an additional 43,900 on TikTok.

Dalia was posing with her makeup artist, who said in front of the camera, “You look so beautiful, my dear.”The phrase “like Barbie.”

Dalia, who has a big mouth and a tiny nose, remarks, “Your makeup is Barbie.” The social media sensation may have undergone several cosmetic procedures recently, including lip fillers and breast augmentations.

Dalia is an actress and TV host who has achieved popularity in her home nation. She resides in Baghdad, Iraq’s Adhamiyah neighbourhood. Here is how she appeared prior to her surgery.


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