«She Doesn’t Look Like Herself Anymore,» Lady Gaga’s Latest Photo Causes a Stir

Lady Gaga celebrated her 38th birthday with a casual photo posted on her Instagram. The star appeared utterly radiant with bleached eyebrows and long blonde hair. While fans gushed about her beauty, many also noted that she looked unrecognizable.

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The Born This Way singer posted a natural snapshot while sitting in her car, where she was seen making the peace sign and softly smiling at the camera. She displayed her long blonde locks, which gracefully framed her face. Her eyebrows, seemingly bleached to match the hue of her hair, added to the ethereal beauty of her appearance.

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The star shared a positive and bright caption next to her photo, saying, ’’Today has been so special—I can’t remember a time I was so happy on my bday.’’ She added, ’’I feel like my heart is bursting with gratitude for my own health and MUSIC.’’

She also hinted that she’s working on new music, noting, ’’I am writing some of my best music in as long as I can remember.’’

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

Lady Gaga’s post has already amassed over a million likes within the first few days of being uploaded. Fans flooded the comments section, showering her with birthday wishes and admiration for her natural appearance. One enthusiastic fan even exclaimed, «Can we say how this hair is your best hair in years?»

However, others were more doubtful about her appearance, as one person noted, «She doesn’t look like herself anymore,» and another added, «Her natural lips were beautiful.» Another online user felt that this look made her appear older than her age, saying, «She must be 50.»

Another star who looked different recently is Meg Ryan. After her latest red-carpet appearance, fans praised the stunning actress for looking natural and finally looking her age at 62.

She is the most famous plus-size model, but after a man called her a fat cow, she posed in a bikini and got revenge in a horrifying way

Iskra Lawrence, often the object of envy for many, faced a moment of criticism when an Instagram user attempted to diminish her beauty by attributing it to the perceived obesity epidemic.

In a harshly worded comment, the user suggested that Lawrence’s attractiveness was merely a consequence of societal norms influenced by the prevalence of overweight individuals. They admonished against consuming fast food, attributing the alleged decline of the healthcare system to people like Lawrence indulging in chips.

Rather than succumb to shame, Lawrence chose to reclaim her narrative in a bold manner.

Her response? She defiantly shared a photo of herself donning a swimsuit, surrounded by a plethora of chip bags, insinuating that these were the snacks she supposedly consumed regularly.

In doing so, Lawrence not only defied the attempt to belittle her but also flipped the narrative, embracing her body while challenging societal beauty standards and prejudices.

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