Prince William is ‘beside himself’ as Kate Middleton allegedly considers terrible decision with tremendous ramifications

A new bombshell report claims Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is considering stepping down from her royal duties entirely.

As per a Palace insider who spoke to the National Enquirer, Kate still hasn’t made the decision but she keeps pushing back the date when she’ll return to public life because the pressure she faces from her royal life has taken a toll on her.

“Kate’s desperate struggle with the constant pressures of life in the royal fishbowl has clearly taken a terrible toll on her physical and mental health,” the senior palace source was reported to have said.

“She spent weeks staying out of the public eye after her operations — and it’s only strengthened her resolve to quit,” the source added.

This has allegedly rocked her marriage to Prince William and the monarchy.

According to the same source, William is “beside himself” about Kate’s potential departure.

“William is beside himself over her decision,” the source stated, as reported by Radar Online. “He can’t believe his wife would ever consider such a move.

“He made sure she understood what she was getting into when she married him, and she did an excellent job. He is afraid that she has grown emotionally unstable, but she argues that she is now seeing clearly!”

Another source said, “Kate’s disillusioned and frustrated by the ongoing drama surrounding her renegade brother-in-law, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan,” Radar Online shared. “But ironically, they’ve shown her there’s an alternative to being trapped in The Firm.”

The source added: “She knew when she married William her life would change forever, but never in her wildest dreams thought it would be this intense!

“Kate had a hard time when she first joined the family but after a few years assumed she’d gotten through the worst of it.”

The Palace being unusually quiet regarding Kate’s health condition sparked rumors over the severity of her condition.

What we know so far is that she won’t be returning back to her royal duties until Easter and that her schedule is completely cleared up.

Karwai Tang/WireImage

Given the fact that her recuperation is taking months, and that her whereabouts are kept a secret, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many question how serious her procedure was.

Recently, TMZ shared the first photo of Kate after her surgery in January. She could be seen wearing classes while inside a car with her mother. Some speculated that the photo was staged, but other believed that if that was the case she would have posed outside of the car.

On Mother’s Day, Kate and William shared a photo of her with her children on their account, but the photo was soon pulled by numerous news agencies amid suspicions that the it had been “manipulated.”

The Princess took to to explained that she had self-edited the image before posting it online.

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