One loyal McDonald’s customer will no longer be shopping at the fast-food chain. Because the person in question…

One loyal McDonald’s customer will no longer be shopping at the fast-food chain. Because the person in question, a man named Jordan, is a vegetarian, he was onIy able to order a select bunch of items from McDonald’s restaurants in the first place.

However, Jordan turned to the Chinese-created TikTok sociaI media app last week to reveal how McDonald’s fries are not even vegetarian as the fast-food giant loves to cook their famous French fries in beef flavoring – the news has left millions of vegetarians and vegans appalled, and horrified by the way McDonald’s had been misleading them.

Jordan’s viral video has accumuIated nearly ten million views at this point – and counting – and continues to educate people about how McDonald’s was secretly flavoring their famous French fries with beef flavoring to give them that good oId-fashioned cow flavor.

In his video, Jordan claims he knows “so many fast food secrets” but was only going to give his followers a taste with this one tidbit about McDonald’s fries and how they are not truly vegetarian.

I know why McDonald’s fries taste different from everybody else’s fries, he said. And I’m going to tell you guys. It’s because McDonald’s cooks their fries with beef flavoring mixed with vegetabIe oil. That’s why their fries taste so good but also so different from everybody else’s. It’s probably bad news for vegetarians, but the more you know.

Fortunately, vegetarians can still shop at McDonald’s restaurants for French fries in some Iocations around the world.

According to Jordan, who proclaimed himself a fast-food expert, McDonald’s does not use beef flavoring for their fries in the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, so vegetarians in those countries can continue to order fries without concerns.

“They cook the fries with regular oiI, so if you’re vegetarian, you can have the fries in those places.”

McDonald’s has pubIished information about the beef flavoring of their French fries on their website. They address the issue head-on in a way that most vegetarians will not like because they probably missed it all these years.

When our suppliers partially fry our cut potatoes, they use an oil blend that contains beef fIavoring, the fast-food company states on its FAQ website page. “This ensures the great-tasting and recognizable flavor we all love from our world-famous fries.

Jordan’s video broke many people’s hearts. Thousands of TikTok users were shocked and horrified to Iearn that McDonald’s was using beef flavoring on their French fries in the United States and in many other parts of the world.

One person wrote, “I’M VEGETARIAN.

My whole life is a Iie, another person wrote tragi cally.

Other people backed up Jordan’s tell-all video about McDonald’s fries and their beef fIavoring.

Gordon Ramsay shares important message after potentially fatal accident

Gordon Ramsay is thankful to be alive, and he credits not only all the doctors, nurses, and staff at a Connecticut hospital who took care of him, but also the helmet which he says saved his life.

Over the Father’s Day weekend, the celebrity chef took to social media to share a scary story with his fans. Even a week after the accident, it still had Ramsay shaken up.

“This week I had a really bad accident while riding my bike in Connecticut,” he wrote. “I’m doing ok and did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries but I am a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato.”

Ramsay, who is an avid cycler, explained the importance of wearing a helmet no matter how “short the journey is” or the fact that helmets cost money because they’re “crucial.”

“I’m lucky to be standing here. I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week, and I’m sort of getting through it,” Ramsay said as he lifted his shirt to reveal a massive bruise.

The Hell’s Kitchen star also included before and after photos from his accident.

I’m so glad Gordon Ramsay is okay. Seeing his bruise and the aftermath of his helmet is an excellent reminder of the importance of making sure you always wear a helmet no matter what!

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