“My 5th Birthday: Celebrating As an Unconventional Canine”

As I turned five years old, I couldn’t find any birthday wishes because people thought I was an unattractive dog. This made me realize how often we judge people based on their appearance rather than who they really are. However, every individual possesses a unique beauty within themselves, despite societal norms that emphasize superficiality. This experience has taught me to look beyond physical appearances and appreciate the intrinsic worth and goodness that exists in everyone.

Malamute teaches pet dad how to ‘speak dog’ in hilarious video

“It seems that Hugo has no patience for this student,” joked an Instagram user while reacting to a funny video of a Malamute and his pet dad.

Social media is flooded with videos of dog parents teaching various tricks to their pet pooches. However, have you ever seen a dog teaching something to its pet parents? Meet Hugo The Malamute, a cute dog who has donned the hat of a teacher to help his pet dad learn something very important – how to ‘speak dog’.

“Hugo teaches me to speak dog,” reads a caption posted along with a video that shows Hugo trying his best to teach his human how to ‘speak dog’ properly. The video is posted on an Instagram page dedicated to the dog.

The video opens with Hugo and his human sitting on the floor. Throughout the video, the dog keeps on trying to teach its human. What is even more hilarious is how he expresses his frustration to his pet dad failing to learn.

“It seems that Hugo has no patience for this student,” joked an Instagram user. “Are you treat orientated? They might help you learn,” added another “This made me laugh so hard. You guys have a great relationship!” praised a third. “Love how he just puts his paw right on your chest, like a true buddy,” added a fourth. “That’s so funny. I did that with my pup Charlie. He got so excited he jumped all over the place,” wrote a fifth.

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