Man giving his DOG a lesson in DRUNK DRIVING is the funniest ever!

 The man, who in probability was drunk, can be seen trying to convince his dog not to drive while the latter can be sitting with a grim expression on the driver’s seat, visibly displeased.

A true friend will tell you when you’ve had enough to drink, and this man did not hold back when he taught his dog about the dangers of driving under the influence

This man, who in all probability was drunk, gave his dog the tough talk on the rules of driving. 

He tries to convince his pet not to drive in that condition, while the canine can be seen sitting with a grim expression in the driver’s seat – priceless

We’re not sure who is funnier, Major or the man giving him a lesson, but this is incredible! 

“Wishing a joyous 14th birthday to Dexter’s beloved furry friend who conquers the world without sight!”

Join us in wishing Dexter’s blind dog a happy 14th birthday! Despite its visual impairment, this furry friend has been a source of immense happiness and love to Dexter. As we commemorate this special occasion, let us send our warmest and most sincere birthday greetings to this remarkable four-legged companion. May each year bring an abundance of joy, good health, and unforgettable memories to this beloved pooch. Dexter’s blind dog is a true testament to the resilience and strong spirit of our furry friends. So here’s to many more years of love, happiness, and cherished moments with this amazing dog!

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