Lady Gaga Defends Trans Activist, Dylan Mulvaney, Amid Women’s Day Post Controversy

Dylan Mulvaney has found herself at the center of controversy after sharing photos celebrating International Women’s Day. Mulvaney, a prominent activist for transgender rights, faced backlash for her participation in the annual event. However, she found a powerful ally in none other than Lady Gaga, who came to her defense, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and solidarity among all women, regardless of their gender identity.

Dylan Mulvaney posted some pictures on her social media.

Dylan Mulvaney took to her social media, on March 8th, to share a series of photos alongside none other than Lady Gaga. In the images, both Mulvaney and Gaga donned sleek black outfits, exuding confidence and strength.

The caption, “Happy International Women’s day 👯‍♀️💓,” accompanied the pictures, emphasizing their celebration of womanhood and unity. What truly captured hearts, however, was the exchange between the two icons. Gaga, expressing admiration for Mulvaney, exclaimed, “I’m putting you on my vision board, for life,” to which Mulvaney responded with a heartfelt declaration of love.

Controversy ensued.

Controversy erupted as Dylan Mulvaney’s photos sparked a flurry of comments on social media. Among the barrage of negativity were remarks such as, “This is so degrading to REAL women,” and “You will always be a man,” reflecting the pervasive transphobia still present in society.

However, amidst the hate, voices of support emerged, with individuals emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and acceptance. One commenter stated, “These comments are truly horrendous, TRANS WOMAN ARE WOMAN. So, therefore, they should celebrate themselves as well as other women on International Women’s Day.”

Another defender proudly proclaimed, “I’m a ‘real woman’ and I’m not offended in the slightest! I am proud that these two women are supporting other women! Love is the only thing that can extinguish hate!

She has talked about her facial feminization surgery.

The journey of self-discovery is beautifully illuminated by Dylan’s courageous transparency by sharing her experience as a trans woman. Recently, she unveiled the profound results of her facial feminization surgery, a poignant milestone in her journey towards self-realization.

In a heartfelt message accompanying the reveal, she articulated her profound desire for every trans individual to experience the same sense of affirmation and confidence when they gaze into the mirror. Her words resonate as a powerful testament to the universal quest for self-acceptance and the unwavering belief in the right to define one’s own identity.

Lady Gaga defended Dylan Mulvaney.

Lady Gaga took a bold stand in defense of Dylan Mulvaney and the transgender community, expressing her dismay at the vitriolic response to their National Women’s Day post. In an Instagram statement, Gaga condemned the hateful comments as acts of violence, refusing to label them as mere “backlash.”

She continued “I feel it is important to clarify that hatred is hatred, and this kind of hatred is violence.” She highlighted the ongoing struggle for transgender acceptance and emphasized the need for society to cherish and uphold transgender lives. Gaga’s protective stance extended beyond Mulvaney to encompass the entire trans community, praising their resilience in the face of relentless discrimination and violence.

Gaga wrote “I hope all women will come together to honor us ALL for International Women’s Day, and may we do that always until THE DAY that all women are celebrated equally. That all people are celebrated equally. A day where people of all gender identities are celebrated on whichever holiday speaks to them. Because people of all gender identities and races deserve peace and dignity.”

The singer added “May we all come together and be loving, accepting, warm, welcoming. May we all stand and honor the complexity and challenge of trans life—that we do not know, but can seek to understand and have compassion for. I love people too much to allow hatred to be referred to as “backlash.” People deserve better.”

Lady Gaga’s recent paparazzi snapshot has set tongues wagging and hearts racing as speculation about a possible engagement reaches fever pitch. In the candid photo, Gaga is spotted sporting a dazzling ring, instantly igniting a whirlwind of rumors about her romantic life.

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