Kevin Bacon and Wife Find True Happiness After Losing Fortune and Moving to a Farm!

When we think of strong, loving Hollywood couples, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick come to mind.

They have been married for over 30 years, celebrating their 35th anniversary this year with a sweet throwback photo on social media.

Despite their long careers in the entertainment industry, there was a time when they lost millions…

In 2009, their lives turned upside down when they got caught in Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme, which was the largest in history. This scam cost them up to $30 million, as estimated by StyleCaster. Bacon mentioned on the SmartLess podcast that they lost “most of our money.”

They were just two of many celebrities and high-profile figures who were scammed by Madoff’s “too good to be true” financial schemes.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 15: Kyra Sedgwick (L) and Kevin Bacon at Moet Celebrates The 75th Anniversary of The Golden Globes Award Season at Catch LA on November 15, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon)

“There are obvious life lessons here. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is,” Bacon told hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. “When something like that happens, you look at each other and say, ‘Well, that sucks. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.’”

Despite the setback, 65-year-old Bacon and 58-year-old Sedgwick used the adversity as an opportunity to reflect and focus on the positives. “We’ve made it this far, our kids are healthy, we’re healthy. Let’s look at what we have that’s good,” Bacon said on the October 2022 podcast.

Bacon and Sedgwick decided to step away from the spotlight and Hollywood, finding peace and happiness on a cozy farm in Connecticut.

Over time, they shared glimpses of their daily lives on social media. Sedgwick posted so many videos of her and their goats on TikTok that people now recognize her more for that than her acting roles!

“People say, ‘We love you singing with the goats.’ Kevin and I are like, ‘Great, but have you seen our movies or TV shows?’ But it makes people happy,” the actress and producer told People in March this year.

Interestingly, Bacon and Sedgwick aren’t the only celebs drawn to farm life. In fact, famed actress Jennifer Garner decided to buy back the farm her mother grew up on and transform it into an organic produce project for baby food.

What do you think of celebs gravitating towards farm life? Do you think it would be a nice break from the fast-paced Hollywood experience? Let us know in the comments!

20+ People Honestly Showed What Their Jobs Are Really Like

It’s impossible to argue with the fact that all jobs are important. We see people specialize in different things every day. They could be doctors, school teachers, cashiers, or cleaners. All jobs contain things that outsiders have no idea about.

We at Bright Side have found Internet users of different professions that revealed the invisible side of their jobs. And in the bonus section, you’ll find a tweet about the difficulties that shop assistants have to deal with.

“My sister works in a photo center and this is who she was asked to take a picture of.”

This is the hand of a doctor after removing his medical gloves after 10 hours of being on the clock.

“A group of teenagers came in just to trash the theater. I was one of the people that had to clean it.”

“I work in the Arctic and Antarctic and find it much more convenient to wear my watch on a lanyard than on my wrist because of all of the layers I wear.”

“This watch has been to Antarctica countless times and to the geographic North Pole 12 times.”

“Be nice to your trash man when it’s raining and it’s 30 degrees outside. We’re not invincible. This is my hand after working 4 hours in bad weather.”

“I work at a hotel these days and went to see if a room was mislabeled as dirty. This is what I found.”

“I kept my hotel key cards from my first year working for the airlines.”

“Working hard as a truck driver has its advantages: the views!”

“My mom works at Amazon and she sent me a photo of one of the trucks she loaded.”

“I work at a call center. Whenever I get a particularly rude caller, I like to draw what they might look like. Here’s Lorraine from today.”

“I work in a fast-food restaurant, and this is our broom. My boss says it’s too expensive to replace it, yet he drives a Lincoln.”

“I work in the film industry and I’m usually too shy to ask for a picture with an actor, but I had to get one with this little guy.”

“Every staple I removed in one year at my boring office job”

“I work in a −25°F freezer every day.”

“I work at a cat shelter. These are the ’can we keep him?’ photos I sent to my partner. It worked.”

“My job involves putting labels on boxes. I hold them with my left hand and put them on the box with my right. This is what my ’clean’ hands look like.”

“I got transferred to a new location at work. This is my new break ’room.’”

You can work anywhere if you’re a programmer.

“I work as a professional princess on weekends. My kitty insists on inspecting each costume for detail accuracy.”

“I work at a hotel — a guest left this when they checked out.”

This is a bathtub full of playing cards.

“So, I work in a movie theater. ’Family of the Year’ award goes to these guys!”

“I’m a seaman. We live alone in these rooms. Depending on your position, the room can be better and bigger. This is mine.”

“I have my own toilet and shower.”

“Took this photo yesterday at work. Thought I’d share it with you guys.”

What is your job and what downsides are there to it?

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