Here’s What Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality

For centuries, people have claimed to be able to tell what someone’s personality is like, just by looking at a few basic physical features. Some believe that you can determine someone’s personality just by the length of their fingers! Some people find it very accurate and others think it’s a load of crap.

However, regardless of what your opinions may be, there used to be an entire area of science dedicated to things like this. Phrenology was used to analyze a person’s personality based on the measurements of their skull. Listed below are interpretations of what the shape of your nails may reveal about your personality:

1. The vertically long nail.

You’re probably a real romantic. Even-tempered with a strange but wonderful imagination. You can be a perfectionist and easily overwhelmed. You see the little things that few notice. People really love you. You get along with most people.

2. The broad-sided nail.

Unlike #1, you’re more short tempered. You are, however, a sharp, deep thinker. Even though you’re short tempered, people enjoy you for your straightforwardness. You can tell the difference between the truth and lies. That ability allows you to cut through the BS and offer the best advice. You don’t tell people what they want to hear, you tell them what they need to hear.

3 and 4. The “round-egg” nail.

You’re the endlessly happy one. You’re the pacifist. You’re the laid-back one. You enjoy doing things in a very unique way. You rarely go with the what the majority is doing. Even though you’re in touch with your feelings, you don’t often let them get the better of you.

5. The square nail.

You’re the gutsy one. You’re the one born a natural leader. You have a serious attitude that can put people off, but that makes your playful, good-natured moments all the more pleasant and fun for everyone around you.

6 & 7. The Triangular nail.

You’re the smart ones of the bunch. You’re typically innovative and brilliant when others demand perfection out of you. You often bring new ideas faster than most. People you meet are fascinated by you.

8. The almond nail.

You’re honest, friendly, and faithful. You’re polite but firm when it’s needed. People enjoy spending time with you because you find the good in them. You’re good at handling difficult situations.

9. The sword nail.

Last but not least, the sword nail. In your life, you’re often the tip of the sword. You’re ambitious. You work hard. You have your goals and you won’t stop until you meet them. You’re often well rounded and can handle tasks even far outside of your comfort zone. Your ambition is often contagious.

What are your thoughts on this?

11 products with honest reviews that speak volumes

Were you ever super close to buying a product until you saw the awful reviews and immediately walked away? Well, this article is exactly the opposite, since each and every item is highly reviewed and has thousands of buyers every single month. From everyday necessities to smart gadgets, you will surely find something that interests you.

1. Jewelry polisher is perfect for at-home or on-the-go cleaning. The package contains 3 poms that safely and naturally remove tarnish and bring back the shine on all metals and gemstones, including gold, platinum, silver, brass, diamonds, pearls, emeralds, ruby, and sapphire.

4.3 stars out of 5

The poms are soft and non-abrasive, so they will not scratch or leave streaks. They are made of a latex-free, hydrophilic material that absorbs and traps debris. They also pick up all the dirt, oil, beauty buildup, and other residues.

Benefits: Happy customers mention that the product is very gentle on the hands and cleans diamonds perfectly. It also has a very pleasant scent.

Flaws: Some customers had trouble with the nozzle and pump, giving them a hard time to use all the cleanser available.

Promising review:

  • OMG!!!! I have purchased more than one, I cannot do without these. You keep your jewelry on. Hard to remove pieces that you tend to wear for a while come out, shiny and beautiful. I keep one in my shower and wash my jewelry as the conditioner sits in my hair. I love it! @Nicha

Buy this item on AMAZON here

2. Wig dryer head that allows you to dry your hair inside and outside effectively. It takes only 10–15 minutes to dry the hair net and the hair roots. It causes no damage to your wigs. Wash and dry your hair hands-free, since the item allows you to style it at the same time as drying.

4.5 stars out of 5

This is super easy to use. Simply place the end of your hairdryer nozzle into the opening (under 60mm), secure the wig on the head using the wig clip strap provided, switch onto cold or warm, and you are ready to go.

Benefits: People note that it takes even as little as 5 minutes to dry wigs, and up to 30 minutes for larger ones. It is especially lifesaving for hairstylists.

Flaws: Some customers mention that the product does not come with a stand and, therefore, can tip over and fall if you don’t pay attention.

Promising review:

  • First of all it works! I used it on LOW for safety reasons, since I saw a review that said it caught fire. The LOW setting worked PERFECTLY. The hair was dried thoroughly from the roots, was flat ironed, curled and voilà beautiful once again. Definitely a time saver from letting it air dry. @Winter

Buy this item on AMAZON here

3. Moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and MVE technology ideal for 24-hour hydration. It is absorbed quickly and softens your skin without making it greasy or sticky. Ceramides are important for keeping your skin hydrated and getting rid of itchiness and dryness.

4.7 stars out of 5

It is made for face and body use but can be used as a hand cream for dry skin relief. It holds the National Eczema Association’s seal of acceptance. Also, it is fragrance-free, paraben-free, allergy-tested, and non-comedogenic.

Benefits: The tub is quite big, and it will last you for a long time. People with flaking have noticed a major improvement. Also, you won’t have to reapply after a few hours.

Flaws: A few customers had an issue with delivery and mentioned that the product comes without a protective seal.

Promising review:

  • The tub isn’t fancy but this product WORKS. And you get a tub-sized portion, so you can use it every day without running out in a month like some other moisturizers that come in tubes.
    I use this on my face, neck, hands, and dry patches on my elbows and legs. I like that it’s fragrance free because I don’t need that in a moisturizer. Best part is that the product is non-greasy, and you can work it in without having a residue on your hands afterwards.
    My skin is sensitive to cosmetic products, so I have to be choosy. This moisturizer is soothing and does exactly what it promises without irritating my skin. @Kat Mandu

Buy this item on AMAZON here

4. Smart scale that offers a very easy setup with many fitness apps, including Fitbit and Google. It features high-precision sensors that measure in increments of 0.2 lb, with a 400 lb capacity. It is recommended to wrap the four corners of the glass with soft objects to avoid breaking them.



Apart from your weight, the scale measures body fat, BMI, body water, visceral fat, protein, BMR, bone mass, muscle mass, metabolic age, skeletal muscle, and subcutaneous fat.

Benefits: Customers mention that the scale graphs your weight so you can easily check your progress over time. Also, the batteries are very strong, and the measurements are accurate.

Flaws: Connectivity might be a bit tricky sometimes, but once you connect it to your device, everything is smooth.

Promising review:

  • We’ve used the same scale for the last 10+ years, it was accurate and reliable, but we decided to upgrade and after tons of product reviews we decided to purchase this scale. Shipping was fast, the scale was packaged securely. Although a little smaller than our original, it fits perfect in the bathroom.
    If you want to track your weight and BMI, downloading the App was simple and easy. Once you set up the account, it syncs with the scale with ease. If I had to point one negative thing out, it would be that the App needs to be open and running for it to track your weight and BMI. @Mike Myers

Buy this item on AMAZON here

5. Instant pot that cooks anything from rice and meats to making cheesecakes and yogurt. It features 13 different programs based on what you’re making. It prepares food 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, or you can opt for the slow cooking function.

4.7 stars out of 5

It is fingerprint resistant and includes over 10 safety features, including overheat protection and a safe-locking lid. It can cook for up to 6 people, and you may use the pot even for sautéing.

Benefits: Customers are very happy with handles on both sides of the lid, the large display, and the dual pressure setting that is especially useful for vegetables.

Flaws: While the product comes with instructions, one customer mentions that it does not say how long each cooking style lasts or what temperature you need to reach to sauté things.

Promising review:

  • We like to cook our food and skip the bad additives such as too much salt. After several months we’ve used it about four times weekly. We love to cook raw beans and freeze them away. They are easy to cook in the Instant Pot. I also like to make soups with plenty of fresh veggies and other ingredients and freeze most of it.
    This unit works great and cleans up easily. It has all the bells and whistles that almost anyone would need. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to use them and also for making good meals.
    We have two crock pots that we’ll probably get rid of. This unit is also excellent at steaming foods which helps preserve the nutrients. @Rick

Buy this item on AMAZON here

6. Pet hair remover glove that brushes away mats, light tangles, and loose undercoats with a soft, flexible groomer that turns petting into an effective de-shedding tool. Such a procedure stimulates skin oils and improves coat softness and shine.

4.2 stars out of 5

The glove is great for dogs and cats with short, medium, curly, or long coats. It can be used daily or during bath time for an even deeper clean. It’s flexible and breathable and fits most pet owners thanks to the adjustable wrist strap.

Benefits: Happy customers mention that the glove cleans even leaves and other types of dirt pets roll into. It seems to be working well with pets that refuse to sit with traditional grooming tools.

Benefits: One customer mentions that you need to gather a lot of hairs on the glove to remove all of them. Otherwise, you need to store it for next time.

Promising review:

  • I had my doubts, but it really does remove the fur! I have a short hair pinscher mix, and he is shedding like crazy right now.
    The hardest part is conditioning him so he doesn’t play with it like a toy. And a little mist of water is key in getting the fur OFF the glove. I’m tempted just to, but another one has a backup. @Amazon Customer

Buy this item on AMAZON here

7. Robot vacuum that cleans up daily dirt, dust, and debris with a 90-minute runtime. It learns your cleaning habits to offer up personalized schedules, while Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to start cleaning with just the sound of your voice.

4.4 stars out of 5

Its advanced sensors allow the vacuum to navigate under and around furniture and along edges. The detection sensors keep it from falling down stairs. It automatically adapts its height to effectively clean carpets and hard floors.

Benefits: According to reviews, the vacuum picks up every small piece of dirt and reaches even the smallest corners. It also charges very quickly within an hour.

Flaws: It is quite loud while operating and only one phone in the house can be connected to the app and control the vacuum.

Promising review:

  • This robot vacuum is a convenient addition to any household, offering reliable cleaning performance with minimal effort. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows for easy control via the iRobot Home app, where users can schedule cleanings and monitor the robot’s progress from anywhere. It is equipped with a three-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes.
    It captures dirt, dust, and debris on carpets and hard floors alike. With compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it supports voice commands for added convenience. While it may lack some advanced features of higher-end models, it strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, making it a popular choice among homeowners looking to streamline their cleaning routines. @Amazon Customer

Buy this item on AMAZON here

8. Drain protector that effortlessly catches any type of human or pet hair, preventing clogged drains and costly plumber visits. It fits any standard 1.5″ — 1.75″ tub drain and does not disrupt the water flow. To clean it, you just collect the hair, throw it away, and rinse the protector.

4.5 stars out of 5

Thanks to this product you won’t need to use harsh chemicals damaging your pipes and the environment. The item has been honored as a 2018 KBB Product Innovator Award Winner in the home improvement and bathroom gadgets category.

Benefits: Installation is very easy and does not require too much maintenance. The material also looks very good, ensuring longevity. The affordable price is a big plus, too.

Flaws: The bottom of these protectors tend to get moldy, something that is very hard to clean. It may need cleaning after every use to prevent soap residue sticking to it.

Promising review:

  • This tub mushroom is great at catching my hair. I can’t believe how many years I went without one (sorry, drain)! It’s incredibly easy to use, and the hair pulls right off after your shower. I leave mine to dry on the edge of the tub until my next shower.
    I will say that no matter how often I clean mine, I find it eventually (after many, many months) starts growing mold/mildew. I just buy a new one at that point and start over. So happy to have an affordable and effective solution to prevent hair from clogging the drain. @Beth

Buy this item on AMAZON here

9. Handheld milk frother that creates foam in 10 seconds so you can make your own cappuccino, latte, and hot chocolate. You may even beat egg whites with it. Thanks to the premium materials and high-resolution motor, it gives you an amazing experience.

4.3 stars out of 5

The tool is battery-powered and requires 2 AA batteries that are not included. To clean it, whisk in hot water and clean it in 5 seconds. You can store it in your utensil drawer next to your forks and spoons.

Benefits: People seem to love the fact that it doesn’t come with a cord and is super simple to use. It is also used to create protein shakes.

Flaws: A few people mention that the batteries don’t last for too long. One person was not able to mix their protein shake using this tool.

Promising review:

  • I recently added the Battery-Powered Hand Mixer Milk Frother to my coffee routine, and it’s become a real game-changer. The convenience of having a frother that’s not tethered to an outlet is a total win.
    Powered by batteries, this little gadget is perfect for on-the-go frothing. The compact size still has great performance and whips up a creamy froth for my coffee in no time. Has plenty of power and batteries last long.
    I like the simplicity and ease of use, pop in the batteries, touch the button, and I’ve got froth for my morning brew. It makes it a breeze to clean as well. @AdamH0101

Buy this item on AMAZON here

10. Foot peel mask that addresses problems like calluses, dry skin, and cracked heels. The plastic-like booties contain a blend of ingredients that easily exfoliate, moisturize, nourish, and revive your feet. It contains aloe vera extract, lavender extract, and fermented milk extract.

4.3 stars out of 5

The booties fit foot sizes up to 11. At first, your feet will start cracking, then they will start peeling, and at last, they will look refreshed. The instructions are very easy to follow.

Benefits: Customers seem to be excited about how effective this product is and how easily it removes calluses and dead skin, revealing soft skin.

Flaws: You need to keep the booties on for a few days, remove them, and wait a couple of days until your feet start to peel. The whole peeling process might take up to a week.

Promising review:

  • I’ve used these before, but I promised myself this time I’d take photos. Sadly, I forgot to take them as often as I would have liked, but did get three in. I used both treatments, two weeks apart. Note there is some peeling still happening in the middle of the foot.
    BE PATIENT as it takes about a week for it to start exfoliating, but you will be thrilled with the results! Oh, and keep the booties on for the FULL hour. @Denise

Buy this item on AMAZON here

11. Biotin shampoo is essential for thinning hair since it does not contain sulfates and contains gentler ingredients. It moisturizes your locks and makes your hair look fuller and hydrated. It smells amazing and features essential oils to help improve your scalp’s appearance.

4.3 stars out of 5

This shampoo is paraben-free and packed with panthenol argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. The vital ingredients are absorbed instantly to provide your hair with much-needed hydration.

Benefits: Happy customers mentioned that they noticed a difference even 1 week after first using this shampoo. Someone with very thin hair said that the products provided extra thickness.

Flaws: Some people noticed that the shampoo made their scalp dry and itchy, while others haven’t noticed a change in thickness.

Promising review:

  • Bought this on the recommendation of a friend, and I’m really glad that I did. Had been trying to grow my hair out to all one length, and naturally it felt like it was taking an eternity. My friend told me about biotin, and I thought why not give it a try.
    I am on my second bottle, and already I can feel that my hair is getting healthier, and longer. I also just ordered biotin conditioner as well, so I’m hoping my positive results will be even greater in the days and weeks to come. @cyberchum

Buy this item on AMAZON here

Whether your motivation is low and needs fixing or your cleaning regime needs updating, Amazon has every solution. And we always make sure that the products we suggest have triumphant reviews that prove one item’s usefulness.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.

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