Here’s what Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is up to now.

He made an effort to help those around him in addition to playing golf, which is why he founded The Tiger Woods Foundation, which promotes education for kids all over the world. Tiger is liked by some people despite having many admirable traits. The majority of people likely disliked him because of the adultery scandal in 2009.Following that, The National Enquirer revealed details of Tiger’s infidelity with at least 18 women. Shortly after the report appeared in the media, Tiger left the house.Nobody understood why Tiger did this because it seemed like he had the perfect life: a stunning wife, adorable kids, a thriving career, and rising wealth.It was 2001 when Tiger and Elin first spoke. When he first became interested in her, she was already in a relationship. Jesper Parnevik, who later introduced them, asked Elin to look after the kids. Despite her initial disinterest in Tiger, their relationship progressed. They got married in 2004, following their engagement in 2003. It was an intimate wedding.

Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel, the couple’s 2 children, were born to them. The story describing Tiger’s adultery was then published. Parnevik, the man who had introduced them, expressed disappointment in Tiger and said he thought he was a better man than that.

Tiger decided to take a break from golf in order to spend more time with his family. But the marriage was already having issues, so in 2010, the couple divorced. After their divorce, Elin received nearly $100 million, which she used to buy a house in Florida where she now lives with her children.

Tiger Woods claims that his ex-wife and he are still in contact and that their children get along well.

Elin clarified that everything is going well and that she simply connects with Tiger on a child-focused level.At the college’s commencement ceremony, psychology graduate Elin was one of the featured speakers. Being able to give the speech made her extremely happy, especially in light of the criticism she had received for not saying enough.

After their divorce, Elin began dating Chris Clin, a wealthy American businessman and philanthropist, but he tragically died in an accident.

Here’s how many years in prison she is expected to face. Mississippi mother who went viral because she neglected her freezing son, has been arre sted.

Mississippi mother who went viral because she neglected her freezing son, has been arre sted.

Good. Kambria Darby was arre sted in Byram, Mississippi after her 2 year old son needed paramedics’ attention for ‘freezing & shaking.’

Darby has since compared herseIf to Jesus in a Facebook post, saying she was being done like Jesus was. The boy was taken by Child Protective Services and later released to a relative with his two siblings.

Darby is facing up to six years in jaiI if she is convicted for neglecting her child.

Darby claims she did nothing wrong.

They did Jesus the same way, he felt sick to his stomach as well; he didn’t want to go through it. My village ain’t gone play about my 3 & neither do I! Again I can’t say everything it’s a legal matter but my kids are not a charity case, they are not negIected, and I am not mentally ill! Stop it with the defamation!”

Reports claim temperatures were below 20 degrees Fahrenheit while the baby was in nothing but a diaper.

The woman who tried protecting the chiId and filmed the encounter, Felicia Nicole, worked at the Walmart where this happened.

She has since been fired. Walmart doesn’t care about their employees! I was only trying to help, she said.

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