He Sat By The Road Missing His ‘Once-Shiny’ Coat And Needing Love

Many thought he should be put down, but he raised his head and smiled at his rescuer. As the dog fought to live on, his coat was slowly restored to its original, beautiful state.

The ugliest stray this rescuer had ever seen sat beside the road. While most people would suggest doing the “proper” thing and putting the dog down, this child revealed that he still had a lot of life in him.

He raised his head and smiled as he walked out of the transporter’s car!

The dog was determined to continue and proved it every step of the way. And as he improved, his actual look began to emerge.

At first, his fur was orange. Then there were white areas! Finally, Raleigh would find his ideal life companion, and it’s a sight to behold. Please be sure you watch this lovely video all the way through!

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I’m Positive You Will Not Know What This Is

Today’s youth would be completely ignorant of the meaning of a walkman, landline phone, or VHS cassette. Growing up in the era of rapid technological advancement, it has been amazing to witness how everyday household items that have been in use for years can suddenly become outdated.

I’ll admit that I had no idea what the object below was until I saw a photo of it. Beyond that, I had no idea what kind of metal tool it was. Can you identify and recollect this object?

See anything familiar? It’s a vintage oil can opener nozzle! This object appears archaic, yet it is actually rather modern, having been created in the 1980s. The spout portion of the can was used to pour oil back then, and people would use the tool to punch a hole in the top of the can. Despite having a really straightforward design, this thing is quite brilliant.

The 1980s seem like they were only yesterday to me. The 1980s seem like a lifetime ago—more than 40 years ago! Even though these openers aren’t used very often these days, I’ll wager that a lot of folks still keep one hidden in their garage among the equipment. Of course, many collect them, mechanics in particular! Therefore, it might not be a bad idea to pick up one of these cool little devices if you ever find one at an antique store or yard sale.

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