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If you want to be kinder to the environment, you may consider washing your clothes by hand every once in a while.

However, not using the washing machine for washing clothes could be time consuming and hard, so there are other alternatives, such as the hand laundry machine. These machines provide the same effect like the electric washing machines but use less water and no electricity. With minimal physical effort, you can reduce the chores on laundry day and save some money, too! On top of that, the hand laundry machines are way less expensive than the electric ones.

Jawad Ahmed, a laundry merchant at The Home Depot explains that “Using a portable washing machine doesn’t have to mean compromising.” Speaking to The Spruse, he added that “With just a smaller load capacity, a compact washer can penetrate deep into fabrics to eliminate dirt and odors, saving you water and energy with the same outstanding cleaning performance as a regular-sized washer.”

What’s great about these machines is that they are portable and smaller in size so you can place them anywhere you want when you don’t use them.

Would you consider giving it a try?

At 65, Michelle Pfeiffer Shares Makeup-Free Selfie and Leaves Fans in Awe

Michelle Pfeiffer, the timeless icon of Hollywood glamour, recently sent shockwaves through social media by sharing a stunning makeup-free selfie on her Instagram account. The actress, celebrated for her roles in classics like ScarfaceBatman Returns, and Dangerous Liaisons, graced her followers with a glimpse of her natural beauty, captivating hearts, and inspiring admiration across the digital world.

© michellepfeifferofficial / Instagram

In an age dominated by filters, digital enhancements, and carefully curated images, Pfeiffer’s decision to reveal her bare face to the world carries immense significance. The 65-year-old actress, renowned for her elegance and grace, defied societal norms that often dictate women, especially those in the public eye, must fit the unrealistic standards of perfection.

In the snapshot, Pfeiffer shows confidence and authenticity, her radiant complexion and genuine smile serving as proof of her inner beauty. The absence of makeup allows her natural features to shine, showcasing her ageless appeal and reminding audiences that true beauty transcends cosmetic procedures.

© michellepfeifferofficial / Instagram

The reaction to Pfeiffer’s makeup-free selfie was overwhelmingly positive, with fans and fellow celebrities alike expressing admiration and appreciation for her courage and honesty. Comments flooded in, praising her for embracing her natural self and setting a powerful example for women of all ages.

One user wrote, «I was so taken by how great and happy you look, I missed the solstice. Gorgeous inside and out naturally!»

Album Online/East News, EAST NEWS

As the image continues to circulate across social media platforms, it serves as a powerful reminder that true beauty radiates from within. Michelle Pfeiffer’s makeup-free selfie shows us all her timeless elegance, inner strength, and unwavering authenticity, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their natural selves and redefine society’s narrow standards of beauty.

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