Fans respond to Kevin Costner’s presence at the Golden Globes—and everyone’s saying the same thing

2023 was a tough year for beloved actor Kevin Costner. After 18 years, he and his wife Christine Baumgartner divorced.

It has been reported that it was Baumgartner who filed for a divorce, which left the Yellowstone star rather shocked by his now ex-wife’s sudden decision.

People close to the couple, however, claim that Baumgartner hated the fact that Costner was working long hours and was away from home for longer periods of time. “During filming, Kevin is not around very much. His absence has been very hard for her,” a source reportedly said.

“Christine doesn’t want him to throw himself into another project. He has been obsessed with filming Horizon since last year. She wasn’t happy about it,” a source reported.

“At times, his career has taken precedence over his home life,” another source added.

“All of this success and excitement over the new project probably took his attention away from his family more than he realized. Since it didn’t look like that would change and likely could get worse, it caused tension at home,” the source added.

After the initial shock and the ugly child support battle, Costner was seen with another woman, singer Jewel.

The two were recently seen together at a tennis event on Richard Branson’s Necker Island for the Inspiring Children Foundation.

As per TMZ, the two took a plane to the Caribbean and spent nearly a week together.

An insider told the magazine, “There was definitely something going on,” confirming that the pair indeed vacationed in the Caribbean together.

Well, no matter how hard he tries to stay away from the spotlight, that’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you are as famous as Costner is.

During the weekend, after presenting an award at the Golden Globes, Costner became a discussion topic. He, alongside America Ferrera, presented the award for Best Female Actor in a Television Series: Musical or Comedy (The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri won).

At one moment, Costner quoted Ferrera’s monologue from the hit movie Barbie, and that triggered loud applause.

“You know, you have a scene that I really love,” Costner stated on stage. “I think a lot of people enjoy that scene. ‘It’s simply difficult to be a woman.’ You’re aware that ‘You’re so attractive.’ You’re so brilliant, and it hurts me that you don’t believe you’re good enough. “That was pretty good.”

Ferrera’s reply was: “Did you, Kevin Costner, memorize my monologue about womanhood from Barbie?”

He confessed that he didn’t really memorize the entire thing but went on to say, “But it’s an important message, and it always serves to remind me what’s possible in cinema. It simply reminds me that when we take our time, get it right, and cinema is at its best, it can be about moments you’ll never forget.”

The duo’s back-and-forth was praised and appreciated by the audience.

“I was laughing so hard with Kevin Costner trying to be serious…and aging well!” “Yay America!” one individual wrote.

“He worked as much on that segment as he did on his english accent in Robin Hood,” another person said.

“Lmao he’s trying so hard to stay serious ,” a third said.

You can take a look at Costner and Ferrera’s award presentation below.

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Mom Of Black And White Twins Boys Often Gets Asked Which One Is Hers

This 31-year-old Nigerian woman had no idea what she was about to go through when she gave birth in February of that year. She can now distinguish her sons’ identical twins with ease. Even though Daniel and David were born only a few minutes apart, they don’t resemble one another at all.

Albinos are both of Stacy and Babajide’s children, who are both black and reside in Lagos. The adorable twins frequently attract attention wherever they go as a result of their noticeably dissimilar appearances. David is stunningly white with pale skin and golden hair, whereas Daniel resembles his 5-year-old big sister Demilade and has dark skin and black curly hair.

After only a year, the twins had nearly 18,000 followers on Instagram thanks to Stacy’s decision to share the odd couple’s activities there.

The twins’ birth on February 26 of last year completely caught everyone off guard.

“We did not know about their differences while I was pregnant, the scan did not show such so it was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second twin (David) came out with gold hair. I had them through CS, so the doctors were like: “It seems you are having totally unidentical twins.” Before I knew it, nurses started coming out to look at them,” mum of three, Stacy, explained.

The twins could be clearly distinguished from one another since one was black and the other was white

Stacy shared with us her husband’s heartfelt response to this turn of events.

“Their dad was really overwhelmed and immediately named My Twin 2 (David) ‘Golden,’ so he fondly calls him Mr. Golden. He was all overjoyed seeing his boys. He stood for more than 10 minutes staring at them and said he was just looking at God’s wonderful work and that they are his best gift ever.”

David falls into the highly unusual category of albinism; just 1 in 20,000 infants are born with this condition.

Albinism is a congenital condition that alters appearance due to a lack of melanin, the pigment generated in the skin, hair, and eyes. All racial and ethnic groups are impacted, and the type of pigmentation affects pigmentation to varying degrees. With a birth probability of between 3,000 and 20,000, albinism is a rare condition. Albinos must exercise extreme caution because it may result in a number of skin and vision problems.

David has gorgeous golden hair and an exceptionally pale complexion due to oculocutaneous albinism. Fortunately, Stacy claims that David has no health issues.

Nigeria is one of the nations with the greatest prevalence of albinism in the world with over two million confirmed or suspected cases. However, the statistics show that there is still a lot of prejudice against this community because of the color of its members’ skin. Over 600,000 albino Nigerians experience discrimination and harassment from their peers, family, and communities, which frequently results in difficulties on the job and academic failure.

Stacy did claim that her two sons are both unconditionally and equally adored and that no one has ever said anything unpleasant about them to her.

“There’re always side talks whenever we go out, people often wanna know how and what’s happening and maybe due to their cute and adorable nature, you just wanna come close to say hello.”

The twins’ family has been receiving modeling offers from agencies in the UK due to their odd features. The family is ready to take advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves and has created an Instagram account to share their joy and draw attention to significant issues. Stacy and I decided to create an account for them in order to spread awareness since we believe they have a story to tell.

“They have two different amazing personalities, they are a year+ now, walking and very playful,” said Stacy

“Daniel is more expressive while David is an observer. Both of them are highly inquisitive. Daniel is a foodie while David is quite picky; Daniel is extremely playful while David chooses moments; Daniel always likes to play the bigger brother role; they are both energetic.”

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