‘Don’t Laugh, Man!’ : Wild Speech On His Youth Sports Experience…

President Joe Biden was giving a speech to Native American groups in D.C. for the White House Tribal Nations Summit, and during the speech, Biden rambIed about his youth sports experience, particularly lacrosse, and jokingly told the audience not to laugh in a somewhat awkward moment.

That moment came when President Biden was speaking about preserving Native American cultural heritage, and gave the example of preserving Iacrosse, which was originally a Native American sport but has survived to the modern day in a modified form.

Speaking on the across and cultural heritage issue, President Biden said, Folks, at the same time, we’re helping to preserve cultural heritage like Tribal languages and sports.

Sports Iike lacrosse. Joining us today are members of the Six Nations Confederacy who…

Continuing, Biden then called on members of those tribes to stand up for recognition, saying, …which in- — by the way, where are you guys? Stand up. Come on. Which invented Iacrosse nearly a thousand years ago. The game brought Tribes together, a force for peace, friendship, and healing. The Six Nations players are still among the very best in the world.

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