Demodex folliculorum – This will happen if you don’t remove your makeup.

Hello, my name is Demodex folliculorum and I live in the pores of the skin of your face that’s why it’s important to wash your face and remove makeup!!

The only way you can see me is with a microscope. I measure between 0,3 and 0,4 mm, and like spiders, I have 8 legs.

I like living in hair follicles that have your nose, cheek and eyelashes. These are places where there’s more fat to feed me.

I feed on your secretions and your dead skin. I can put up to 25 eggs in every hair follicle.

My digestive system is not able to eliminate my waste, so i accumulate them in my body until I explode and die. My remains cause hypersensitivity reactions.

According to some studies, in some people, I can cause infections on eyelids and rosacea.

I am a mite that is present in almost every adult on this planet.

Are you going to sleep in makeup tonight? đź¤Ş

Thanks to AI We Can Now See What These 15 Celebrities Would Have Looked Like Today

Artificial intelligence already has a very important place in our society. There are so many great applications of it in daily life, however, it can be used for entertainment purposes as well. While we can’t show the future with 100% accuracy, AI can still show us something close to what our beloved stars would’ve looked like nowadays.

1. Marilyn Monroe

AF Archive / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

2. Diana, Princess of Wales

3. Steve Irwin

4. Brittany Murphy

5. Kobe Bryant

6. Paul Walker

7. Heath Ledger

8. Elvis Presley

9. River Phoenix

10. Whitney Houston

11. Robin Williams

12. Anna Nicole Smith

Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

13. Cory Monteith

14. Aaliyah

15. Bob Marley

Are there any lost loved ones you wish you could see today? Which celebs would you like to see next?

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