Couple took the risk, cancelled their vacation and started a radical transformation of their kitchen

Instead of a vacation, my husband and I renovated our kitchen! 🤫We got the desirable results and never regretted it! 😉🔥

This was the best decision in our entire life! 😍 See the before-after photos in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s couple made the best decision of their lives. Instead of going on a vacation for a month, they chose to renovate their miserable-looking kitchen and change it beyond recognition. Its condition definitely left a lot to be desired and urgently needed reconstruction.


Others would probably choose to enjoy their time somewhere remote and desirable, yet our heroes considered giving their kitchen a new look a lot more important task than their vacation which eventually turned out to be the best option.

For the design, they chose warm tones. The final results exceeded the family’s expectations. The atmosphere was now welcoming. To say that the before-after photos blew up the network is nothing to say.

Rescue takes in severely matted dog who looks like a wig — today she’s unrecognizable

It’s truly remarkable the difference a haircut can make, especially for a dog. Many stray and neglected dogs go ungroomed, causing them distress as their fur becomes tangled and matted.

Recently, one stray dog was found with so much fur she “looked like a wig” — until a rescue gave her a life-changing makeover.

Mac’s Mission, a special needs dog rescue nonprofit based in Missouri, recently rescued a severely matted dog found in the middle of the road. The dog, now named Pear, was in terrible shape, completely covered in thick, matted fur.

The rescue wrote that Pear “didn’t even look like a dog” but rather “looked like a wig” — “just a wad of hair.”

The rescue took her in and a team of volunteers got to work helping Pear, giving her a “spa session” to remove all her dirty fur.

“We got her cleaned up, shaved down, and a bath to get rid of any grime and fleas,” rescue founder Rochelle Steffentold Newsweek. “She got settled into one of our spaces and fell asleep pretty quickly.”

Throughout the process, Pear was a patient good girl: “She was the sweetest and just sat there while we got all the terrible thick matts of her which took quite a while.”

She added that Pear thankfully did not have maggots in her fur, and said the dog was lucky she didn’t get hit by a car. However, Pear is missing an eyeball, apparently from an older injury.

Mac’s Mission shared photos of Pear before and after her treatment, showing a remarkable transformation:

“Pear has a new life ahead of her thanks to you all,” the rescue wrote on Facebook, thanking their supporters.

Pear looks beautiful — it’s hard to believe that it’s the same dog! Thank you to Mac’s Mission for giving this sweet dog a much-needed makeover!

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