Chuck Norris Paid the Most Poignant Tribute to Mom Who Turned 102

Chuck Norris, 83, is beyond grateful that his mom is turning 102. The star even wrote an article in her honor. And the way this lady smiles despite all the heartbreaking struggles she had to face tells us that life is a journey worth living despite its hardships.

102 years and still going strong.

Chuck shared an article on his Facebook page and expressed his affection and admiration for his mom Wilma who was born in 1921 and is ’’102 years young’’. The Hollywood star noted ’’What’s even more remarkable is that she is so full of life that she might make it another 100 years!’’

Norris then exclaimed ’’Mom, I don’t know what’s more difficult to believe: that you are 102 years old or that you have a son who is 83 years old!’’ Either way, he declared how ’’grateful’’ he feels to have her as his mother. He also noted ’’We’ve been through thick and thin in this life, and we are still going strong.’’

Chuck’s son, Mike, also posted a heartwarming video of his grandma as she gets presented with her birthday cake. He wrote ’’It is an honor to be your first grandchild.’’

She saved her son.

Despite her positive outlook on life and radiant smile, Wilma had a challenging life, raising her three children alone after Chuck’s dad abandoned them. Norris shared ’’Mom has been an example of perseverance.’’

He also noted that he was ’’nearly losing my soul to Hollywood’’, but his mother didn’t lose faith in him, and she prayed for his success and salvation. The star added ’’She even prayed for me to find a woman to change my life, and it worked.’’ In fact, Chuck has been married for 25 years to model Gena O’Kelley and the two are still going strong.

She’s a brave fighter.

Wilma had a complicated health journey, but she persisted and won her serious battles with cancer many times.

The martial artist explained that she has ’’has gone through roughly 30 different surgeries for a host of issues — and yet she’s still here to tell about it.’’

Family plays a central role in Chuck Norris’s life, and he welcomed his love child with open arms after 26 years of not knowing her.

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