Candace Owens launches a scathing attack on Taylor Swift, labeling her as “terrible”

Candace Owens has bad blood for Taylor Swift, accusing the superstar of manipulating her young fans for personal gain and injecting liberal poIitics into her songs. The conservative speaker and documentary filmmaker delivered her judgment on a premier version of the DailyWire’s podcast, telling listeners Swift’s “toxic feminism” is setting women back decades.

“She’s the most toxic feminist that’s ever existed,” said Owens, “and what she does is basically, the threat is if she doesn’t get what she wants she writes a song about a guy and then has 15 million girls sing the songs and drops little cIues so they know who it’s about. It’s totally psychotic if you really think about it.”

I hope you really appreciate how psychotic that is if you can’t go two weeks without writing a song about” her dating history, citing past squeezes like John Mayer.

World’s Hairiest Girl Embraces Change After Meeting Soulmate – See Her New Look

Supatra ‘Natty’ Susuphan, once known as ‘The World’s Hairiest Girl,’ has transformed her life. Natty, 17, from Bangkok, Thailand, battled Ambras Syndrome, causing excessive hair growth. Guinness World Records recognized her in 2010. She used laser treatments, but now shaves to maintain her look.

Natty found love and posted on social media: “You’re not just my first love, you’re the love of my life.” Ambras Syndrome was once misunderstood, leading to stigma. Natty faced teasing and cruel nicknames like ‘Wolf Girl’ and ‘Chewbacca’ in school. However, her family and friends supported her.

Natty’s perspective is inspiring. She said, “Being hairy makes me special.” Despite the teasing, she’s grown accustomed to her condition and hopes for a cure someday. Her journey highlights self-acceptance and the importance of a supportive network.

It’s a testament to resilience and redefining beauty on one’s terms.

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