Art for dogs? Mexico museum welcomes pets to new exhibition

Mexico City’s Museo Tamayo has put together a modern art exhibition for the enjoyment of humans and their furry friends.

Artists have always been inspired by the bond between humans and their canine companions.

Now, one Mexican museum wants to bring the art world to dogs themselves.

Mexico City’s Museo Tamayo has put together a modern art exhibition for the enjoyment of humans and their furry friends.

Lorenza Errasti, curatorial assistant for the museum’s collection, said the exhibition is a selection of works from the museum’s collection and was intended for the enjoyment of owners and their dogs alike.

“The readings of the exhibition are based on emotions,” according to Errasti. “And the affectionate relationship that exists between an owner and their dog is always there, and even more so now that we open this space for that.”

The exhibition, #ArteyPerros (“Art and Dogs”) includes pieces by Haris Epaminonda, Max Ernst, Mathias Goeritz, Pierre Huyghe, Danh Vo and Mario Garcia Torres as well as a poem by Luis Felipe Fabre. It is the exhibition’s second instalment, with the first held in 2020.

The response to the initiative so far has been positive, as many people enjoyed the chance to appreciate the artwork along with their furry friends.

“I like to take my dog everywhere,” said Mila Cohen, a sixth-grade student, near a Max Ernst painting.

“It would be incredible if there were more spaces like this, with art, where we could spend time with our dogs,” noted Manu Echeverria, a photographer.

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