An Early Second Chance

On my way to work as a vet technician a few weeks ago, I saw what looked like a sock or shirt laying in the road. I didn’t think much of it.

About 15 minutes later a woman came in holding a box and said she found a kitten on the road, and she thinks it is still alive. My heart sank knowing I drove right past this sweet girl without thinking twice. I took her into the exam room and the doctor decided she may have a broken jaw and some head trauma. We administered a steroid injection, subcutaneous fluids, pain medication, and started her on antibiotics.

The first two days were not great for her. She was in some pain and could not hold her head upright. On day 3, she was starting to improve, she was less stuffy, her head was upright, and she was eating well from a syringe.

I decided to take her home and continue her care there, and bring her to work with me every day. Since then this little girl has blossomed into quite the firecracker! She is still syringe feeding, as she is only about 4 weeks old, maybe 5, and she loves to chase my feet when I walk!

If it weren’t for the woman finding her, this little girl wouldn’t have stood a chance out there along the road. My husband decided to name her Nook, and she is settling in quite well at home with our three other cats.

15 Pics That Prove Genes Can Be Very Powerful

We all have about 22,000 genes and sometimes we share enough genes with our family to be an almost identical copy of them. Although there may be 50 years between the 2 photos, their faces look the same thanks to the magic of these genes. There are some people who are carbon copies of their relatives, confirmed by their photos that simply blow us away.

Bright Side would like to share with you just how cool our genes can be with some exceptional photos we found.

1. “My mom and sister, both at age 6”

2. “My mom (left) age 4 in 1971. Me (right) age 4 in 2001. I see why people say we look alike.”

3. Grandmother 1941 and granddaughter 1999, same genes

4. “Me, 1992. Mom, 1954.”

5. “Here’s me and my fraternal twin.”

6. “Me on the left (circa ’90s, Canada) and my grand-dad (circa ’40s, Ireland).”

7. “My old man and me at the same age, 35 years apart.”

8. “Me in 1971 and my son in 1994”

9. “My mother at age 21 (L) and me at age 27.”

10. “My father, age 24 in 1951. And 24-year-old me.”

11. “I always knew that my mom and sister looked alike, but seeing them side by side is uncanny.”

12. “My brother (2016) and my grandfather (1948)”

13. “I’ve been told a lot that I look like my Finnish grandma.”

14. “My dad 1958… Me 1988.”

15. “Side-by-side comparison of my identical twin and me.”

Who do you look most like in your family? Share a photo of someone you look like so that we can compare!

Preview photo credit mrobry / Pikabu

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