Accusations are swirling around Taylor Swift, claiming that she ousted a renowned artist from their Super Bowl seat.

Taylor Swift is being accused of removing the famous artist from the Super Bowl seat. Kanye West apparentIy intended to upstage Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl but the pop superstar torpedoed his plan at least, that’s what one former NFL star is claiming.

Brandon Marshall who played in the league from 2006-2018 for a number of teams — made the shocking allegation on his “Paper Route” podcast this week expIaining that he’d heard Ye purposeIy purchased seats right in front of Tay Tay’s suite for the Big Game.

According to this purported tea the idea, it seems, was an attempt to photobomb all her inevitable TV appearances. On its face, it comes across as a good old-fashioned spite effort.

However, the ex-All-Pro receiver expIained the alleged scheme never came to fruition as Swift made “a call or two” to have Ye kicked out of Allegiant Stadium entirely that’s what Brandon’s claiming anyway. Take it all with a grain of salt, but considering how polarizing Ye has been recently and Swift being the non-athlete face of the SB champs this season it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility the league may have nudged KW to somewhere a little more low-key.

It’s aIso hard to say with any certainty whether she actually got him fully kicked out or not, as Brandon suggests here especially if he bought a ticket lawfully and by the book.

In any case BM sounds 100% confident that he’s breaking news with the world here. Also worth noting TMZ spoke with Ye for several minutes on Monday and he only mentioned Swift in a pretty lukewarm manner.

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