A Dog Fights A Massive Tumor, With The Vet Recommending Leg Amputation For Treatment

Rescuers in Thailand’s Phetchabun Province saw a sad homeless dog with a big tumor straining to move in agony.

She’d been suffering from this tumor for so long that no one would help her when it got too big.

It took nearly 6 hours for rescuers to bring her 455.5 kilometers from Phetchabun province to Pattaya for treatment.

A bad growth on her abdomen devastated her miserable life, and she ended up living on the streets without food.

Even though the wounds are dry, she is doing significantly better one month after a successful operation and tumor removal.

She’s starting to walk again and getting to know her three legs…

What 14 Actors Who Are Able to Set Hearts on Fire With Just a Glance Looked in Their Youth

Some actors played their most famous roles later in life, so it’s really hard to imagine what they looked like when they were young. But we decided to dig into the archives and find the photos of our favorite actors, where they are young and absolutely handsome.

Michael Caine

Bruce Greenwood

Charles Dance

Ed Harris

Ian McShane

Nathan Fillion

Michael Keaton

Mark Harmon

Bill Nighy

Guy Pearce

Sean Bean

John Savage

Iain Glen

Benicio del Toro

If you love nostalgia as much as we do, take a look at this article. We showed how our favorite movie couples have changed over decades there.

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