A Brave Little Girl’s Snowy Quest to Find a Vet for Her Beloved Pet Dog

Once upon a time in the picturesque village of Düzpelit, nestled in the snow-covered landscapes of Ordu, Turkey, a dedicated veterinarian named Ogün Öztürk found himself on a unique mission. He had been summoned to the village to attend to a sick cow, a task he expected to complete swiftly and return home. Little did he know that this visit would lead to an unexpected and heartwarming connection.

As Ogün wrapped up his work with the ailing cow, he noticed something out of the ordinary. Through the thick blankets of snow, he spotted a determined little girl trudging towards him, carrying a pup on her back. Their extraordinary friendship began at that very moment.

The courageous girl was none other than Cemre Su Türköz, a resident of the village. Her faithful companion, Pamuk, had been suffering from an incessant itch for several days. Worried about her furry friend’s health, Cemre was determined to find a veterinarian as soon as possible. However, heavy snowfall had cut off access to the district center, leaving her with no choice but to explore alternative options. As luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself.

That fateful day, Cemre heard that a veterinarian would be in town to tend to a cow. Fearing that the vet might leave the village before she could seek his help, Cemre Su placed Pamuk on her back and embarked on a journey of over a mile along treacherous snow-covered mountain roads to reach Ogün’s location. Her arrival took the vet completely by surprise.

The resolute young girl approached Ogün and explained her predicament – her dog’s persistent itch, the inability to reach the district center due to the snow, and her desperation to have Pamuk examined. Who could refuse such an astonishing and determined client? Without hesitation, Ogün conducted a thorough examination, and fortunately, Pamuk’s condition was not dire. A simple topical medication would suffice to alleviate his discomfort.

In awe of the 8-year-old’s courage, Ogün refused to accept any payment for his services. Cemre offered approximately 7 liras, but he kindly declined. The kindness and bravery displayed by Cemre were rewards beyond measure for the compassionate vet.

This encounter marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Ogün continued to visit the village, not only to check on Pamuk’s well-being but also to spend time with Cemre and her beloved dog. Through the harshest of weather conditions, Pamuk felt the love and care that the little girl had showered upon him. It was a heartwarming tale of friendship and the boundless love between a little girl and her loyal canine companion.

Crocodiles push stray dog to safety after it falls into danger-filled river

Scientists believe rare rescue is a sign that the fearsome reptiles may be capable of compassion

In an apparent example of interspecies compassion, a group of crocodiles appeared to usher a dog to safety after it fell into a dangerous river.

The dog, believed to be a stray, was being chased by a pack of other feral canines when it jumped into the River Savirtri in India out of harm’s way, or so it thought.

But the river was infested by local mugger crocodiles, and three of them were floating near the stray.

This should have been the end of the helpless pup, with the crocs being “well within the striking range,” according to a report published by scientists in the Journal of Threatening Taxa.

However, the crocodiles appeared to usher the dog back to safety on the shore.

“These crocodiles were actually touching the dog with their snouts and nudging it to move further for a safe ascent on the bank and eventually escape,” the researchers wrote.

“The muggers were well within the striking range and could have easily devoured the dog, yet none of them attacked and instead chose to nudge it towards the bank, implying that the hunger drive was absent.”

The researchers say that the crocodiles were “docile”. Adult male mugger crocs can reach 18 feet long and weigh up to 1,000 pounds, according to the Wildlife Institute of India.

The researchers said they believe that the pup rescue could be a sign of the crocs having emotional intelligence.

“The curious case of a dog ‘rescued’ by the group of crocodiles reported here seems more on lines of empathy than altruistic behaviour,” the scientists said.

Aside from the muggers’ apparent alliance with stray dogs, scientists discovered another wholesome obsession that the crocs appeared to have: marigold flowers.

Crocodiles are often seen floating or laying in marigolds, often keeping “physical contact” with the yellow flowers, which the researchers note have compounds that can protect skin from fungi and bacteria.

The Savitri River is polluted with sewage and other harmful ingredients, so this may be why they like to have contact with the petals.

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