32 of the most haunting photos from history

History is more than just innovations and triumphs. In truth, much of it involves numerous instances of brutality, warfare, genocide, and other unsettling, regrettable realities.

Take a look below at some of the most haunting moments from history.

A starving Sudanese child crawls towards a United Nations feeding center while a vulture patiently waits for its next meal. This photo won a Pulitzer Prize, but the photographer, Kevin Carter, took his own life three months later.
The two siblings shown here are experiencing the thrill of an electrical storm at Sequoia National Park in California around 1975. Shortly after this picture was taken, they were struck by lightning. Both survived.
A councilman in the Philippines took this photo of his family on New Year’s Day in 2011, inadvertently capturing the image of his assassin. The councilman later succumbed to a gunshot wound to the head.
A photographer accidentally captures the moment a person jumped off a bridge in China.
American free diver Nicholas Mevoli moments before he passed away after a botched dive.

“Surprising” Birthday Gift For Wife

Husband to Wife:
“Tomorrow is your birthday. What would you like as a gift?”

Wife: “A giraffe!”

Husband: “Sweetheart, be reasonable. Where can I find a giraffe? Ask for something I can actually manage.”

Wife: “Alright, then give up drinking. That’s something you can do, and I’ll consider it a wonderful gift.”

So, the next day…

Husband: “Here’s the giraffe.”

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