16 Older Stars That Are Still Wearing Boundary-Pushing Fashion Ensembles

Society sometimes holds certain perceptions and attitudes toward older women who wear clothes that are “supposed to be worn by young women.” Some may believe these women should dress more modestly out of respect for others’ expectations. However, we believe that certain fashionable women show how confident and comfortable they are in their skin, regardless of age. Check out our article to see celebs who are over 50, who prove that you can look hot at any age.

1. Salma Hayek: 56 years old

2. Jennifer Lopez: 53 years old

3. Jennifer Coolidge: 61 years old

4. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: 59 years old

5. Kris Jenner: 67 years old

6. Mariah Carey: 53 years old

7. Halle Berry: 56 years old

8. Sandra Bullock: 58 years old

9. Helen Mirren: 77 years old

10. Lucy Liu: 54 years old

11. Andie MacDowell: 64 years old

12. Demi Moore: 60 years old

13. Nicole Kidman: 55 years old

14. Kate Walsh: 55 years old

15. Cindy Crawford: 56 years old


16. Jamie Lee Curtis: 64 years old

Do you agree that fashion shouldn’t have any age limits? How will you dress when you get older?

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Jada Smith’s son made a request that she could not accept, hurting her heart

Raising children in the spotlight is difficult; Jada and Will Smith understand this better than anyone.

Despite criticism from family and friends, especially Jada’s mother, they have tried their hardest to raise their two children, Jaden and Willow, with love and care.

Being a parent in the public eye is a challenging task. Still, they continue to demonstrate strength in the face of any problems that come their way as they attempt to provide a secure environment for their children to grow up in.

The Smiths had been through many hardships, especially when their son said something hard for Jada to understand.

Despite its appearance, growing up with famous parents provides a distinct set of challenges, such as being judged on a different scale than other children and having difficulty determining one’s true identity.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith faced a dilemma when their 15-year-old son Jaden declared wanting to leave the family home and become self-sufficient.

Even though they were shocked and upset by the news, Jaden’s parents eventually supported his bold move toward independence.

Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, doubted the decision but finally trusted her grandson’s judgment.

Despite all the media attention from his fame, Jaden found balance with courage and wisdom beyond his years.

Jaden’s parents had to impose restrictions because he had decided to go vegan but was not meeting his dietary needs. His mother, Jada, realized that giving her kid more freedom to make his own decisions would benefit them.

So, even if Jaden didn’t go through with his original plans, they still gave him the freedom he wanted. However, it wasn’t enough, and his health suffered due to insufficient dietary information.

Jaden knew his lifestyle threatened him, so he became a vegetarian.

In addition to this change in diet, Jaden also changed how he ate. He ate more often and became more aware of how inadequate nutrition affects the body.

Jaden left his parents’ house in 2017 for a fresh start. His move brought him to Hidden Hills, only a few minutes from his parent’s house.

Even though they live far apart, Jaden stays close to his family and looks to them for advice and direction.

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