МcDonald’s announces biggest change to Big Mac in decades

What’s for dinner? Well, the truth is that nowadays most people eat outside and the fast-food is the first choice when it comes to satisfying our cravings.

Over the years, McDonald’s has established itself as one of the best and most famous chains of fast food restaurants in the entire world, and now, after decades, they announce a change to their popular Big Mac. The rest of what the restaurant offers remains the same, but the change regarding Big Mac is said to have to do with its making and how it cooks the elements within them.

Adjustments include placing onions on top of each patty while they’re grilling away, to add some extra flavor, and altering the sear of the beef patties.

This will apparently result in “the most delicious burgers yet.”


These changes might be slight, but according to the restaurant they will add to the juiciness and the deliciousness of their best-selling product.

The adjustments come as McDonald’s is nearing its 50th anniversary. So far, the changes have been introduced in the USA and Australia. The improved burgers would start being served in the UK from mid-March, so if you are a McDonald’s lover be sure to check them out among the first ones.

Gareth Pearson, Chief Restaurant Officer, McDonald’s UK&I said“As we celebrate McDonald’s 50th anniversary in the UK, we are excited to introduce our enhanced classic beef burgers.

“We’re constantly innovating and improving our menu and we found that a collection of complementary small improvements to the iconic burgers make a significant difference to the flavour.”

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“Another big part of this transition has been around our restaurant teams and how we can support them in delivering the best possible customer experience.

“Not only have we introduced new kitchen technology, but we’ve also retrained all 177,000 crew members on these new procedures to enable them to serve our best burgers yet.”

What are your thoughts on this? Are you eager to try the new and improved Big Mac?

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